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When we started MinaMilanda, we wanted to create a place that could give inspiration, ideas and bring people together through beauty. With music, flowers, plants and original products, located in a beautiful backyard, we want to communicate the joy we experience in creating new design and decorations. Our boutique is in constant movement. It is the flowers, the plants and the different seasons that inspire us and give every day a new expression and feeling.

To wake up and create the botanic line of the day is an indescribable feeling, and to see and meet people that share the same experience is a very enriching thing. To be a messenger of the pure beauty that is being created by so many producers is bringing glow and meaning to our lives. 


We call ourself a Flower Family, - people that have met each other through flowers, but also through other natural products, such as clay, silk, cotton, wood, marble, stone, porcelain and glass.


Our fundamental aesthetics has its roots in choosing products that we believe speak for themselves in a true and original way. The people that create these products are as important as the material they have chosen to work with. The passion and love is shown in the process and result, and next to choosing these products, we also design some of our own. We do this every time we look for a specific design which cannot be found elsewhere. 


At MinaMilanda, you will find marble vases from the quarries in Carrara, mixed with straws and grass, hand turned jars from Impruneta with succulents, candlesticks form Catalonia for table settings, Fürstenberg dinnerware and handwoven carpets from Portugal.

Come visit us if you're nearby.



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 Bring in the light.

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